Top 5 Spy Apps to Track WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications of the era and has multiple users all across the globe. Whether it is for personal use or professional use, WhatsApp will come in handy. It can even serve you as a personal diary these days, and you can learn a lot of a person’s secrets by checking their WhatsApp chat history.

WhatsApp spying app is one of the best alternatives that you can try to dig out the hidden mysteries. But choosing the right app for the purpose can be very challenging as there are plenty of spying apps available in the spyware market. Unfortunately, most of them don’t work as they claim. To make it easier for you, we have looked at the crucial factors to consider while choosing an ideal WhatsApp spy app and compiled a list of the best samples.

Why Might You Want to Spy on WhatsApp Messages?

Since touching someone else’s phone will be regarded as a privacy violation by most people, WhatsApp spyware users all have valid reasons to resort to it. Here is why you may need to spy on WhatsApp messages:

  • Cheating. Are you having trust issues with your partner? Or do you feel a slight change in your partner’s behavior? Then you can spy on WhatsApp conversations to know what’s actually cooking behind your back. 
  • Parental control. Kids these days are smarter than adults when it comes to internet technologies and smartphones. And, they can easily dodge and conceal any compromising information if you make them show their device. But there are ways for a concerned parent to cope with such a situation without raising any suspicion and causing their child any stress. In that case, knowing how to spy on someone’s WhatsApp can help you a lot. 
  • Corporate control. Do you find your confidential data leaked to your competitors? Your trustworthy employees stand behind it. Be smart and catch them red-handed using the WhatsApp spy app for Android. 

Things to Consider When Choosing the WhatsApp Spy Apps

Here are the few points that you should undoubtedly consider while choosing the WhatsApp spy apps:  

  • Compatibility. The first thing you should start with is the compatibility with the OS of the target phone. You should ensure whether the app is compatible with the Android version and the model of your target phone.
  • User interface. When opting for the WhatsApp spyware for Android, you should prioritize the apps with a user-friendly interface and straightforward installation process. The reason is you will be limited in time if you install the app secretly. 
  • Customer Support. Check the availability of the customer support department via the live chat, email, and over the telephone so you can contact them any moment if you get confused about how to spy on WhatsApp messages.
  • Price. Very few apps among those with positive customers’ reviews offer a free trial. However, all of them have a 14 days refund guarantee policy. You can also find the apps that offer their basic subscriptions at no cost. 
  • Features. This is perhaps the most important criterion. The features most apps offer include messengers and social media, but the lists of messengers differ. Check if WhatsApp is on it and if a particular app requires rooting or jailbreaking the target phone.
  • Stealth mode. The professional WhatsApp spyware for iPhone or Android runs in the background mode by default. These apps function in such a way that makes them undetectable for your target. It will save you from being caught.

Top 5 WhatsApp Spy Apps

We have analyzed 50 WhatsApp spying apps that are currently on the market and compiled this list of 5 best ones that are worth paying for:

  • mSpy 
  • Spyzie
  • FlexiSPY
  • Spynger
  • Mobistealth

WhatsApp Tracker Installation

mspy installation

For installing the WhatsApp tracker app, you need to follow a few simple steps : 

  1. Purchase the subscription plan. Most of the WhatsApp tracker apps need you to subscribe to them first. So get the subscription and make the payment. 
  2. Create an account. You will receive an email containing all the information regarding your subscription and a complete installation guide.
  3. Download the app. You need to have physical access to the device you want to track for 5-10 minutes. Download your WhatsApp spy app on it, and tap on it to launch.
  4. Complete the installation. Follow the prompts, giving the app permissions it requests to complete the installation process for spying on WhatsApp. 
  5. Accept Terms and Conditions. Lastly, you need to read and accept the License Agreement or Terms and Conditions.  

The hidden mode is the default mode for the WhatsApp spy apps on Android, so you will receive the latest updates without the knowledge of the owner. 

Protecting Your WhatsApp Account From Hacking 

Hearing that your WhatsApp account can be hacked so easily sounds spine-chilling. Here are a few tips that you can use to protect your WhatsApp from getting hacked by any third person:

  • End-to-end encryption. Make sure you have enabled the end-to-end encryption for all your chats to protect them from anyone trying to spy on WhatsApp messages.
  • Web-version precautions. Make sure you log out of the WhatsApp web immediately after using it on a PC to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Two-step verification. To safeguard your WhatsApp account, enable the two-step verification and get the verification code to ensure only you can sign in. 


WhatsApp spy apps for Android not only allow you to read someone’s WhatsApp messages; they give you unlimited access to all information in a WhatsApp account. What is more, you can use them to track other messengers, your target’s location, phone calls, etc.  With this guide, you now know what to look for and how to spy on WhatsApp.

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