How Spying iPhone Text Messages is Made Easy by Ingenious iMessage Spy Apps

It isn’t only people with malicious intentions that spy on other people. It’s completely normal for someone to want to spy on some other’s text messages under certain circumstances. You can do it to keep an eye out for your children’s online safety, ensuring that they’re not being trailed by online predators.

If your partner has been behaving oddly lately, but she tells you everything is normal, then you might want to find out if they’re lying to you or not. Spying on text messages is also a good way for employers to monitor their employees’ activities to ensure they behave ethically and maintain optimal levels of productivity at work.
Read on to find out easy ways to spy on iPhone text messages without getting caught.

The Best Way to Spy on iPhone Text Messages – Texting Spyware

The whole point of spying on someone’s iPhone text messages is to uncover secret conversations your loved ones don’t want you to know about. That implies the greater the chances of them finding out you’re reading their text messages, the less likely you are to obtain the needed evidence.

Reading their text messages directly from their phones comes with a huge risk of getting caught, no matter how cautious and tactful you might get. Your best bet is with iMessage spy apps. These apps operate incognito inside the target iPhone to siphon details of text messages sent and received on the phone. They’re devoid of tech mysticism, and that making them easy to install and use without any prior technical skills.

The best thing about iPhone texting spyware is that they give you access not only to other people’s text messages but also just about all their phone activities. You can use texting spyware to also check up on their activities on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. Parents can also use these spying apps to implement a geo-fencing function on their kid’s phone to get alerted whenever their kids move beyond a designated area.

How Text Message Trackers Work on iPhone

Basically, apps for spying iPhone Messages work by making copies of incoming and outgoing text messages on a target iPhone, which are then forwarded to the end-user. Apps like mSpy sync with the iCloud account of the target phone, backing up the account’s text messages and making them available to the users.

Once the user has their spy app account up and running, they can either install the app on their phone or log into a web page to view the details of text messages on the target phone’s iCloud account.

Users can also execute many other spying functions through the app- or web-based interface of the spyware. For instance, users can log into their spy app account to view previous or current locations of their loved ones. Or they can log in to check up on the phone user’s activities on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Do You Need Physical Access to the Target Phone to Install Text Message Spy Apps?

That depends on the app. Some apps require you to get a hold of the target phone physically to complete the installation, while other applications, like mSpy, are installed remotely.

The latter operates by gaining access to the target iPhone’s iCloud account, so all you need is your loved one’s iCloud credentials. You simply get to input the target iPhone’s iCloud credentials on the web-based interface and viola! You can access their text messages anywhere anytime through the web.

The same goes for monitoring just about any iOS device, including old and new models of iPad, and iPod Touch, and iMac.

There’s a caveat, though. iCloud backup needs to be activated on the target iPhone for the end-user to get live updates of the target phone’s text message. Also, you may be required to go through the 2-factor/2-step verification when using the target phone’s iCloud credentials if the function is active on the target iPhone.

Under these two circumstances, you will need to physically access the phone to make the necessary changes to the settings.

Can You Spy on iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking an iPhone makes it possible to download and install apps not available on the Apple Store. Most spy apps aren’t officially listed on the Apple Store, and they require you to manually download and install them on a target iPhone, which has been jailbroken. Jailbreaking an iPhone also makes it possible to activate more features of an app that’s been downloaded through the Apple Store.

However, a top-draw text message spy app for iPhone like mSpy can be used to monitor iOS devices with or without a jailbreak. But the jailbreak installation method allows you to use a host of other monitoring features of mSpy besides text spying.

With the jailbreak program, you can utilize functions like the GPS tracker and Geofencing feature, which allows you to track the previous and current locations of your loved ones and to also receive alerts whenever they stray past a certain perimeter. The jailbroken installation also gives you the power to block the use of certain apps on a target phone to prevent your kids or employees from engaging in risky or counterproductive activities.

Jailbreaking does come with certain security risks that may expose the target phone to malware, though there are also ways to minimize such risks. However, if you’re comfortable with using just the message spying functions and don’t want to expose the phone to any security risks, the non-jailbreak installation method should serve you just well enough.

Setup Process of iPhone Text Spying App

mspy texts

The process of setting up a text spying app is roughly the same for similar apps. Some apps have steeply technical processes, while others are basically turn-key. Here, we’ll present an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on how to get someone’s iMessages sent to your phone through a web-based app, mSpy. mSpy can be installed on an iPhone with or without a jailbreak, depending on the level of monitoring activities you’re planning on executing. We’ll present simple steps for using both methods of installation.

How to Install mSpy on iPhone with Jailbreak

Step 1: Register for an mSpy Account for iPhone Text Message Spy
You can do this in 4 simple moves:

  1. Visit official website
  2. Fill out your email address on the mSpy sign up form.
  3. Choose a package depending on your unique personal needs. Each package varies in terms of cost, feature stack, and the license duration.
  4. Next, you’ll be taken to the checkout page to make payment for your chosen package. You’ll need to provide payment details like your name, location, etc., after which you’ll be asked to choose your preferred payment method. Click the “Submit Order” button to confirm your order. After a little while, you’ll receive a payment confirmation email containing your order info, the app’s control panel address, and login credentials.

Step 2: Download mSpy to the iPhone in Jailbreak Mode
The target iPhone needs to be jailbroken first before you can proceed with this step. You can follow the steps for a non-jailbreak method as lid out in the section below. However, this jailbreak method allows you to apply a wider range of spy functions on the target iPhone.

To download mSpy to an iPhone in jailbroken mode,

  1. Open the Cydia app on the jailbroken iPhone’s home screen.
  2. Inside the open Cydia app window, open the mSpy download link by selecting “Sources > Edit > Tap”, and then entering the mSpy download link, and then clicking on “Add Source”.
  3. The app will then update the mSpy source automatically. You’ll be prompted when this process is complete, and then you’ll need to click on ‘Return to Cydia’.
  4. Next, find for the newly updated source: “Mtechnology LTD repository”, and then go to “All Packages > iPhoneInternal Service > Install > Confirm”.
  5. The download and installation process will ensue automatically. You’ll receive a prompt once the process is complete, after which you’ll need to click on “Restart SpringBoard.”

Step 3: Install mSpy on iPhone in Jailbreak Mode

The final step is installing and activating the downloaded mSpy app on the jailbroken iPhone.

  1. Return to the iPhone’s home screen and then tap the mSpy app icon to launch it.
  2. Click “Continue”. You’ll be presented with the app’s user license agreement. Read through it and then select “Accept”.
  3. Next up is the mSpy icon visibility settings. If you don’t want the mSpy app to be visible on the target iPhone, choose the “Icon is useless, I don’t need it” option.
  4. You’ll then be taken to a page where you’ll be asked to fill out the Registration Code, which was sent in your payment confirmation email. After filling out the code, select “Complete Registration” to proceed with the installation.
  5. Open your account dashboard, click “Proceed”, and then fill out the name and mobile number you registered with, and then click “Done”. And that’s it! You can then sit back and begin to monitor iPhone text messages remotely.

How to Install mSpy on iPhone without Jailbreak

Now, if you want to install the spyware on a non-jailbroken iPhone, you won’t have to sweat it. The steps involved are even much easier than those of the jailbreak method. You don’t need to handle the iPhone physically as long as you have the credentials of the iCloud account used on the iPhone.

After signing up for your mSpy account and purchasing your desired package, you’ll then be able to access your web-based User Control Panel, from where you can run all the monitoring operations without physically accessing the monitored device.

To begin monitoring the target iPhone through your mSpy dashboard,

  1. Obtain the credentials of the Apple account used on the target phone.
  2. Log into your mSpy dashboard from any web browser and key in the target iPhone’s Apple ID and password in the setup wizard.
  3. That’s it! You’re all set to begin monitoring your loved one’s iPhone text messages remotely.

Note: If the target iPhone’s iCloud backup isn’t activated or if its 2 factor/2 step authentication is active, you’ll need to access the phone physically to change those settings.

Alternative Apps for Text Message Spying on iPhone

XNSPY iMessage Spy App

xNspy app

Another top-notch text message spy app, XNSPY has been meticulously developed to give you all you need to keep track of your loved one’s iMessage activities. The app is capable of revealing details of text messages besides just the contents, including the name and number of senders/receivers as well as time and date stamps.
XNSPY can also be installed either through a jailbreak or a non-jailbreak method, depending on the range of monitoring functions you want to deploy. Either way, you’ll be able to monitor activities on a target iPhone remotely through a neat, highly intuitive web-based control panel.

One of XNSPY’s biggest advantages is that it even gives you access to deleted text messages. That’s because the app works by automatically backing up every sent, received, or draft text messages on the iPhone. So, even if your loved ones delete their messages, you’ll still get to view the backup copies through your user dashboard on just about any web browser.


Spyic app

With a customer base of millions sprawled across various parts of the world, Spyic is a tested and proven message spy app you can rely on anywhere anytime. It’s a crème-de-la-crème app that boasts a customer satisfaction rate of over 96%.

Spyic gives you remote access to iMessages without the need to handle the target iPhone physically. Once you enter the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone on your Spyic user dashboard, you’re onto every line of text sent or received on the target iPhone.

Spyic also provides an impressive assortment of extra monitoring tools, including MMS tracker, location tracker, call records, and emails. You can also use the app to keep an eye out on what your loved ones are up to on various social media platforms, from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and more.

How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages for Free Using Apple’s Built-in Method

Wondering how to track text messages on iPhone without forking out cash for a monthly subscription or turning to a third party, you can use a trick to monitor an iPhone’s iMessage for free. You just need to be extremely careful enough to not get caught when applying the necessary changes to the iPhone’s settings physically (yes, you have to grab the target iPhone to set up this workaround).

You’ll also just have to make do of monitoring text messages only because that’s just as far as you can go with this method.

Step 1: Open the Send & Receive Settings Window: Grab the target iPhone and go to “Settings > Messages > Send & Receive”.
Step 2: Add your Email Address to the Receiving Options: From the submenu that pops up next, select the “Add an Email” option, and then fill in your email address there. With this setting, you’ll be receiving an email copy of every text message sent or received on the phone.

The Benefits of Text Spying for iPhone

You can explore lots of benefits from keeping close tabs on your loved one’s iMessages, just like millions of people around the world have been doing. The first benefit is the peace of mind you get from knowing that there’s nothing happening behind your back that can jeopardize your wellbeing or that of the person you’re monitoring. And then there’s more.

Unmasking the ill-intentions of pretentious friends: It’s necessary for you to get acquainted with everyone that communicates with your kids or loved ones frequently. You need to unmask anyone who’s having a bad influence on your loved ones early enough before any damage is done.
Preventing online bullying: Sometimes, school bullies can get aggressive enough to taunt your kids through texting. You can quickly foil such plans by keeping tabs on your kids with text spyware.

Monitoring for health issues: Youngsters nowadays tend to confide more in their friends about serious health issues than in their time-pressed parents. Some are just simply afraid of getting hospitalized and being subjected to stringent treatment routines. You might come across conversations about your kids’ health issues if you keep track of their text messages.

Keeping track of employee’s activities on the clock: With text message spy apps, you don’t need to be there physically to supervise your employees. You can go about other important activities and only check up on them if they send or receive a text message that could derail them from work.

The Takeaway

Text spying isn’t a sphere of activity that’s exclusive to government intel agencies, private detectors, or threat actors. In fact, everyday people across the world are using text spyware like mSpy to protect their loved ones, ensure the fidelity of their partners, and keep their employees focused on the right things.
You can track iPhone messages both on an iPhone with or without jailbreaking based on the level of monitoring you want to execute.

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