How to Get mSpy Discount, Coupons, and Free Version? Information You Can Trust

mSpy currently serves more than 1.5 million users around the world. As more people look to try out this efficient monitoring software, there’s the search for pay-cuts. For instance, someone who’s considering purchasing a full mSpy subscription might seek a trial version. Some other times, they’d search for coupons and discounts to reduce the financial risk.

Here, you’d find a whole range of answers to questions around getting mSpy coupons and discounts. We’ll also show you herein where to get mSpy free trial versions, mSpy coupon codes, and more. You’d also find how to get mSpy for free and possibly beat the regular mSpy price. Read on to get the details.

What Is mSpy?


mSpy is a spy app that was launched in 2010 with the aim of allowing users to track another mobile device remotely. This parental monitoring software helps ensure that your kids are safe when using their phones or out of the home. mSpy can also be used by spouses who suspect their partners may be cheating on them. Also, employers can use mSpy to monitor their workers’ mobile phone usage during work hours in order to ensure they spend their working hours productively. mSpy offers users more than 25+ top-quality monitoring features, which we’ll consider in a moment.

What Makes mSpy Stand Out From Other Spy Apps?

There are several spy app options on the market today. However, many users prefer mainly mSpy in monitoring their targets because of its unique qualities. Here are some of the reasons mSpy is the top choice for over 1.5 million global users.

mSpy Is Accessible Anywhere There’s Internet

mSpy doesn’t require installing any app on your PC or mobile device to track someone else’s device. You can track your targets remotely through mSpy’s web-based interface. This web-based dashboard is accessible through the company’s website from anywhere and through any web browser.

Secures Your and Your Target’s Data

You’d want maximum data security for both you and your target person. You certainly don’t want your information or theirs leaked to unwanted persons. mSpy offers users precisely that. The app uses maximum security measures to secure all data.

Offers Over 25 mSpy Features

Moreover, mSpy users can enjoy 25+ monitoring features, from phone call tracing to GPS and social media apps tracking. Whether you’re interested in everything your target does or just their location, mSpy delivers on the task.

What You Get From Using mSpy — mSpy Features

mspy features

Below are some of the helpful mSpy features for monitoring your kids, spouse, or employees remotely. 

  • Monitor Their Conversations

You can closely monitor the details of your children’s, spouse’s, or employees’ phone conversations using mSpy. That way, you’d intercept them when you suspect a potentially difficult conversation.

  • Read SMS Messages

mSpy lets you read who your kids are texting on their Android or iOS mobile devices. All incoming or outgoing messages are tractable from your Control Panel, even after your ward deleted them.

  • Find Your Targets’ GPS Location

mSpy reveals your kids’ whereabouts when you’re away with its GPS tracker. Upon installation, you can spy on their movements any day, any time.

  • Track Their Social Media Accounts

The mSpy app allows users to view their targets’ social media activities. With mSpy, you’d see who they’re relating with on Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

  • Keylogger Feature to Monitor Every Tap on Their Smartphone

mSpy’s keylogger feature lets you detect every key struck on your targets’ device. This feature can help decode passwords and pin codes for different applications.

How Much Does mSpy Cost: Regular Prices

mspy pricing

Mobile phones have become a significant part of our lives. Although immensely beneficial to man, they’ve also served as a medium of exploiting unsuspecting persons. Workplace employees and children might require close monitoring to ensure sensitive information doesn’t get out. mSpy offers a range of varied subscription packages to purchase.

Each package provides a unique set of monitoring features and lasts for a specific duration. You could choose either a Basic or Premium mSpy package. But we recommend a mSpy Premium package to get complete details into your target’s phone activities. The main difference between mSpy Basic and Premium features is the number of available features. Premium package is the most complete one as it allows you to access each detail on your loved one’s phone. Here’s the mSpy price for the Premium offer.

  • 1 month — $69.99/month
  • 3 months — $39.99/month
  • 12 months — $16.66/month

How to Get the mSpy Discount?

Now that you’re no longer wondering, “how much does mSpy cost?” you’re probably asking about getting a discount. It’s possible to obtain a price slash from mSpy, and there are different ways to go about it. However, the easiest way is to use this link. The link serves the mSpy 15% discount code, exclusive for MobiliMeet readers. So, don’t waste your chance and get mSpy at an extremely affordable price.

mSpy Promos

While you want your kids to be safe online, you wouldn’t spend your entire income doing so. You may have more than one minor you’re monitoring or a team of several employees. So, you’d want as many mSpy discounts and promos as you can receive. The good news here’s that mSpy does organize promo campaigns frequently.

Usually, on holidays, users can get 30% or even 50% discounts through promotions on different plans. New Year & Christmas, Black Friday, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day Promos are among the holidays when you can enjoy explosive deals on mSpy. Subscribe to the mSpy email newsletter, and you’ll get prompt information about such discounts. Even more, sometimes mSpy sends special discount offers to subscribers, so make sure to check your inbox regularly.

Where to Get the mSpy Coupon Code?

Coupon codes are computer-generated codes containing letters and numbers to obtain a discount on a sale. They’re usually obtainable through the newsletters of different websites — some exclusively dedicated to coupons. However, we also offer prospective mSpy users coupon codes for obtaining discounts on mSpy packages.

You may use our mSpy coupon codes. To use our coupon code, click on this link and start registration. Then, enter our coupon code: MobmSpy, and you’ll get your discounted offer. Otherwise, visit other websites offering coupons like,, and others and use their coupon offers. 

How to Get mSpy for Free?

The Internet is full of promises to offer mSpy for free to you. However, note that this is a scam 99% of the time. Currently, mSpy is not a free app. But who wouldn’t spare a token for software that offers as many advantages as mSpy? However, you can visit on the official website and try to get a free mSpy copy.

Note that it’s advisable to deal directly with official websites of products or services you’re considering. Websites that offer free mSpy packages are usually in the business to get your attention. And you’d do well to be wary of such sites to prevent getting into fraudulent hands. So, be aware of websites advertising “mSpy app free download” or “mSpy full version free download” offers.

mSpy Free Trial

mSpy once offered 14 days of free trial to exploit mSpy free trial for Android or iOS users. But now, mSpy developers made the mSpy demo to get acquainted with the app dashboard. So, the free trial offer is currently closed. However, there are other ways or techniques you could use in getting the mSpy app for free. Below, you’ll find more ways of obtaining mSpy free alternatives from the Internet.

mSpy Refund Policy — Money Back as a Way to Get mSpy for Free

Here’s another way of getting the mSpy app for free — through the mSpy money-back guarantee. You can buy the app and try it for up to 14 days. If the app doesn’t work as promised or as you expected, mSpy will refund your money. This method is the only way to download the mSpy app for free for now.

Cracked mSpy on Torrent. Can You Download a Full Version for Free?

Commercial software developers often protect their apps to ensure that unpaid users don’t get to use them. These protection methods mean that users have to register online or input a code beforehand. Like mSpy, other software companies offer prospective users free trial versions to reduce the financial risks.

However, as you might be already aware, programmers illegally move to break these apps through cracking. Cracking involves modifying an application’s program without the permission of the original owners. So, developers offer cracked mSpy on Torrent and other sites to users. But these versions, unfortunately, don’t work at all because of the architecture of spy apps.

Spy apps should be up-to-date to work correctly because every new iOS and Android version offers better security. But mSpy APK cracked versions won’t ever have updated security features. The outdated spy app doesn’t work. Moreover, you want the safety of the personal information of both you and the targets. Finally, using a cracked version is illegal, and you might have problems with the law.

What Are mSpy Free Alternatives?

In the world of monitoring software, there are no free spy apps on the market. While some software owners position themselves as free, this isn’t true at all. They’re doing this to grab your attention. They might eventually lead you into paying for a product you never wanted to purchase. 

So, when next you find “Get mSpy free download APK here” or any other software online — you know something’s undoubtedly off..

Many mSpy competitors claim that they are completely free. However, that’s not true. Review websites are full of such comments.

We don’t want to mention any apps — but believe us — this is a common situation. 


There are no mSpy free alternatives anywhere on the market. Using mSpy cracked isn’t just a viable option. mSpy is one of the best spy apps on the market today, but for only a fee. However, you can get mSpy discounts, coupons, and free versions using any of the prescribed methods above.

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