How to Check iPhone Location History?

Are you considering using a GPS tracker to track the location of your child? Do you want to know the whereabouts of your spouse? Are you suspicious of the activities of your employees and want to track their location?

Whether you are a parent, spouse, or employer, knowing how to track the activities of your child, partner, or employee can give you peace of mind.

Internet surfing and chatting via social media apps pose serious dangers to adults and children alike. They expose your children to plenty of malicious and sensitive content. Children can easily fall prey to bad elements, including their friends at school or in the neighborhood. As children grow up, it becomes difficult for parents to keep them safe from harm. Therefore, keeping track of their activities is essential for every parent.

Similarly, adults can easily be led astray. They can cheat on their partner or betray their employer for personal benefits. Your partner could be keeping a secret from you, or your employee could be using their office timings for some personal work.

If you’re wondering, “How to track the location of the iPhone of your child, partner, or employee?”, this post will inform you about the best ways to accurately and quickly track an iPhone’s location.

iPhone Location Tracking

For tracing an iPhone location, the GPS chip in iPhones is useful. It allows you to find the geographic location of the device. This is for navigation and maps. It helps in tracking the location of your child. Plus, it is useful if you lose the device or someone steals it.

This requires signing up for the iCloud service, which is free. By using this service, you can lock your device remotely. Moreover, you can remove personal information from it. This is possible if you cannot recover it.

Here are the steps to use iCloud for iPhone location tracking:

  • From the ‘Settings’ feature, choose iCloud, and enter your Apple login credentials. Then, check the ‘Use iCloud’ option.
  • Choose the ‘Find My iPhone’ option and activate it.
  • Choose the ‘Privacy’ option from settings and then ‘Location Services.’ Activate ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Location Services.’

The above location settings iPhone steps will activate location tracking on your iPhone. To locate the device, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Apple iCloud web page via your computer or mobile.
  • Enter your Apple login credentials and choose the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature.
  • Select the device you want to locate from the devices list.
  • Find the device location on a display map.
  • Use the Remote lock and Remote wipe features to delete data from the device.

The tracking location on the iPhone feature is excellent for finding a lost or stolen device. However, for surveillance purposes, having a dedicated GPS tracking app is more beneficial.

Best iPhone Location Tracker App to Buy

Location tracking apps are a quick and convenient way to track your family members or employees remotely. You can also track your property and other valued assets using tracking apps. Here are some of the best iPhone GPS tracker apps.

mSpy – The Best App to Track Location


mSpy is a leading monitoring app that specializes in GPS tracking. Over 1.5 million users globally have benefited from this app. It is the first choice for people looking to keep their loved ones safe.

mSpy helps check the iPhone location and lets you access all the information on the target device via its Control Panel. You can know the exact location of your children even if they lie about it.

mSpy is an iPhone GPS tracker that uses GPS coordinates to track the location of each iPhone. Additionally, the geofencing feature allows setting up restricted areas. Hence, if the target iPhone is tracked in such restricted areas, you can get an alert.

Other features of GPS tracking consist of location updates. The updates give you information on the locations visited by your children, the dates, timestamps, and location coordinates.

Another useful feature of mSpy is it provides a summary of the most visited places. This helps you to identify unusual routes immediately.

Besides tracing the whereabouts of kids, mSpy also keeps older people safe. It protects them from money fishing, online scams, and getting lost due to faulty memory.

Other Beneficial Features of mSpy

Other than GPS tracking, mSpy also offers several other monitoring features. These include:

·  View call information: mSpy allows call monitoring. You can receive information on the call’s duration, incoming call number, timestamp, and other relevant details.

·  Read emails and messages: You can read all the emails and messages received on the target device. Even if your spouse, child, or employee deletes a message or mail, the app can retrieve it. Also, the app can be linked to all email sites, including Gmail.

·  Monitoring and blocking websites: If you are worried about your child being exposed to unwanted content or employees wasting their time on chatting sites, you can use mSpy to block malicious and unwanted websites.

·  Record Keystrokes: With mSpy, you can record all keystrokes in the target device. Thus, you can monitor who your spouse, child, or employee is sending messages to. The keylogging feature can give you information on passwords, login details, messages, and emails.

How to Install mSpy?

mSpy is the most favored tracker app due to its various features. More importantly, it is preferred because of its easy and simple installation process. Here is how you can install mSpy on iPhone:

  • After you purchase a suitable mSpy package, you will receive the login credentials via a confirmation email.
  • For the iPhone, the device has to be jailbroken for the installation. But, you can also do it without jailbreak using iCloud login details. The only drawback with this method is you must access a target phone only for a few features.
  • In the iPhone that you have jailbroken, you can find the Cydia app on the home screen. Open the app and enter the download link provided and choose the ‘Add source’ feature.
  • After the updates are done, return to the Cydia app and download the mSpy software from the new source.
  • Choose the ‘Restart SpringBoard’ after the download is completed.
  • Find the mSpy icon on the iPhone’s home screen. Accept the license agreement notification that pops up.
  • Enter the registration code found in the installation guide sent to your mail and click on ‘Complete Registration.’
  • Open your mSpy account online and enter the target phone’s name and number.
  • After you click on the ‘Done’ button, you can track the target phone remotely.

The Spybubble


If you want to track another iPhone, a feature-rich app like The Spybubble can help you. With efficient monitoring features, The Spybubble for iOS and Android devices is another best GPS location tracking app.

Here are some of the feature highlights of this app:

·  Ease of access: The app is easy to access from any web browser and has over 25 monitoring features. These help you remotely track your children, spouse, or employees.

·  Good support: The app has 24/7 customer support, and it provides online help for the initial set up.

·  GPS tracking: The iPhone GPS tracker feature helps you identify your target device’s precise location. This enables you to ensure your children, employee, or elderly family members are where they should be. You can also find out if your teenage child lies about their whereabouts.

·  Geofencing: This is another beneficial feature of The Spybubble. You can set virtual location limits in your neighborhood or office. The app will notify you when your target enters or leaves the zones. Thus, you can find out the target user’s true location, even if they don’t tell the truth.

·  Messenger app tracking: The Spybubble can monitor messenger apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. The tracking also includes monitoring texts, photos, and other media files. The Spybubble helps you to spy on conversations by showing you the content and time of every message.

·  Call log monitoring: Remote tracking of call logs and text messages, including deleted messages, is also possible with this app.

The Spybubble is compatible with iOS versions 6 to 8.4 and 9 to 9.1 with jailbreak. The GPS tracking app supports all iOS versions without jailbreak.



If you are searching for an effective iPhone GPS tracker app with advanced monitoring features, Phonsee is an option to consider. This is an advanced monitoring software for iPhone users. It helps you ensure your children make use of their smartphones and tablets responsibly.

The feature highlights of this app are:

·  GPS tracking: The monitoring app can check the iPhone location using its GPS location feature. You can know about the current location of your children, spouse, or employees using this feature.

·  Geofencing: The app also features Geofencing, which enables you to set up location limits. You will receive alerts when the target user breaches the limits.

·  Monitor IM and social media apps: Besides tracing an iPhone location feature, the app also has other powerful monitoring features. These include monitoring instant messages and social activity on various apps, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line, etc.

·  Multimedia monitoring: Phonsee lets you view all received and sent photos, videos, and text messages. It also enables you to view conversations, screenshots, and calls.

Phonsee has potent administrative tools. These tools help you get comprehensive reports and alerts on the target’s phone activities.


Eyezy is a trusted and dependable monitoring software that offers effective GPS location tracking features. The app provides periodic GPS position uploads. Tracing an iPhone location and history is easy with this software.

If you are looking to track your children, employee, or spouse’s activities on their phones, Eyezy is the right choice.

Feature highlights of Eyezy include:

·  GPS tracking: You can install the app on your target’s iPhone and easily track their iPhone’s location.

·  Extract messages and multimedia: The app also helps you extract all the information present on an iPhone and iPad. These can include videos, photos, GPS locations, and calls. Plus, it can also retrieve text messages, iMessages, and instant messages from Facebook.

·  Backup: Besides monitoring the target device, you can also use it to safeguard all the information. Use the secure Eyezy server to back up the data on your device to access your device even if it is stolen or lost.


haqerra app

As a free mobile tracking app, Haqerra offers a good GPS tracking feature. This invisible phone tracking app is undetectable by the target user, even if they are familiar with their device and its features. Haqerra always provides you with accurate data.

Feature highlights of Haqerra include:

·  Geolocation: The geolocation feature in Haqerra determines the exact location of the target device. It also views the location from the account you have created while installing the app. GPS tracking is done through GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi signals.

·  Track multiple devices: With Haqerra, you can track up to five mobile devices at the same time, including laptops, computers, and smartphones. Thus, you can use it to check the iPhone location and other device activities of your children, partner, and employees simultaneously.

·  Social media, web, and multimedia monitoring: The monitoring features of Haqerra also include surveillance of web browsing history and tracking messages from Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. It also tracks and saves multimedia files, text messages, calls, etc.



Spynger GPS tracker is a simple and free app you can use to track any iPhone’s location. You can find your children, partner, and employees’ location using its real-time GPS tracking feature without any registration.

Essential features of this app include:

  • You should have a web-enabled device so you can view the location details.
  • You can share the live location details using a dynamic map feature.
  • The app is passive and runs stealthily in the background.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your children, family, partner, and business safe and secure is no longer a difficult task. You can do this via efficient and affordable monitoring apps.

Whether it is your children, partner, or employees you want to track, iPhone GPS tracker apps are very valuable. Despite the availability of several tracking apps, not all of them are effective and reliable.

To successfully identify any iPhone device’s location, using a trusted and reliable app, like mSpy, is ideal. Of the various GPS tracking apps present now, mSpy is a premium app with an in-built GPS tracker feature. This helps to track the target’s device location on the iPhone and GPS history.

Furthermore, mSpy is the best monitoring app that sports several beneficial monitoring features. With affordable pricing, exemplary support, and unrivaled features, mSpy gives you value for your money.

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